Honest To God Love is a coalition of everyday people and organizations committed to helping our neighbors experience life changing peace through Jesus.

The stories on our site are from real people, just like you, who have experienced tough times, abuse, depression, and difficult circumstances. Their stories are their own, but they share the common thread of struggle that is known to each of us. They also share a common thread of peace, despite those struggles, found exclusively through Jesus.


I actually
find the rest
that I’ve been
looking for.
And that’s
created a
lot of hope.

Through a partnership with Need Him, Honest To God Love wants to listen to your story. Our trained volunteers are available day or night to have a spiritual conversation with you about your hopes, fears, or anxieties. No sadness, confusion, or pain is off limits. We love you and never want you to feel alone.

Come chat with us.

We tell our stories to help you discover that there are no problems in this life beyond the impact of God's peace.

Our volunteers are not professional counselors, but no topic is off limits. We're here 24/7 to hear your burdens and offer the hope of Jesus to you.

No judgment.
Only love.

If you do not get through to someone immediately it is because NeedHim’s volunteers are helping other people and can’t start another conversation at that moment.

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If you are experiencing a life-threatening crisis please call 800-273-8255 immediately.